What is “Personal Branding”? Many women inquire about “Headshots” but what I’ve found they are really wanting is something more. These days we have more women entrepreneurs who are trail blazing by their own rules. No longer feeling the pressure to fit into the stereotypical male CEO mold. It’s now ok to be feminine + beautiful + professional and still be taken seriously!  Personal branding is more in line with couture portraiture. It’s an amazing time in history to be a woman today! Let’s celebrate it!

Does the way you present yourself in your social media, on your website, in marketing materials speak of who you are and what you are selling? Is your personal image a big part of your ‘brand’?

In a Personal Branding session we get to the bottom of what your business represents and we work together to create portraits that reflect and strengthen your message that can be used in various ways. Linkedin, editorial pieces for magazines, across all social media and print media. You choose how you use your image to grow your business.

If you have an on-line business, high-end portraiture and imagery will reflect your quality message and to tell your story. Things have changed, no longer is a ‘selfie’ good enough to have on your website.  I am able to provide you the ‘magazine’ quality high end images for any editorial pieces or marketing materials. Likewise when another company wants to cross promote, they will be eager to publish your photos when they are beautiful and of a high standard. The better your imagery, the easier it is to stand out and to reflect your product!

The Personal Branding session is booked just like the luxury custom portraits. It takes a couple of hours of shooting and includes help with wardrobe selection, advice on putting together up to 4 clothing changes so we can create timeless beautiful images with a contemporary edge. It also includes a hair and make-up artist, art direction and lots of fun and laughter.

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